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Real-time monitoring of crops in the region using satellite data

The organization of providing information about status of agricultural crops, derived from data of satellite monitoring.

User have access to the WEB-interface that allows you to view information about his fields, administrative district or region as a whole.

The user can specify a field by using follows ways:

For the selected fields, the user can obtain the following information:

The user can also get these kinds of information are averaged for the region, or administrative districts, or on the farm. You can also obtain information averaged over arable land, land occupied by winter and spring crops, as well as land covered by forest.

For the region, administrative districs or farms also provide the average ("normal") time variation of vegetation indices on arable lands, the lands occupied spring and winter crops.

For the administrative districs, the farms and the regions is possible to obtain estimates of predictive yield of the current season based on a comparison with the relevant parameters of the previous years (NDVI, temperature, precipitation, solar radiation) and historical data on the yield obtained from Rosstat, or from other sources on the user's choice.

To work with such information was developed specialized web-interfaces. Information can also be stored in tabular form for export to the user Information Systems by the agreed format.

Specialized Web-interfaces allow:

As additional options in the service, by user request, can be included the following:

This service is provided on the territory of the Russian regions. Upon request, the service can be extended to the territory of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Service developed and provided by the Space Research Institute (IKI) of Russian Academy of Sciences.